Petite Stars

August 26, 2016


Of all the cutest Elin moments that I wish I could bottle up and relive over and over again, her rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star might take the cake. In the highest little voice she proudly sings through each verse and quickly applauds right after with the biggest smile on her face. Naturally anything involving stars has become a hot commodity in these neck of the woods and I can’t help but entertain her enthusiasm when she gasps (literally) and points with her chubby little finger at something, anything, with a star on it. And to me nothing fits a toddler’s personality more than a little star here and there. Some finds I came across and had to share, it all started with this pink Stella McCartney kids dress (see similar Fall style here) that has become her regular favorite.

Shoes by Pepe Vernice // Photograph by Arna Bee.

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