Atelier Cologne

September 12, 2016

ciht_9-9-16_082One thing I love about the change of seasons is that it gives me an excuse to pick out a new scent. Having a signature scent is one of the greatest accessories. A single spritz can enhance your vibe. I recently discovered two by Atelier Cologne that I’ve been loving—Vanille Insensée and Orange Sanguine. The boutique line of cologne can be found at Sephora and the options are endless.

The two I came away with perfectly reflect my personality. Vanille Insensée is subtle, quite and warm making it the fragrance of choice for a lazy weekend or a quiet morning. Orange Sanguine is a little more playful with citrus notes adding a pep to my step for daytime errands and meetings. A little tip for applying your signature perfume, spritz your ankles and the backs of your knees. Those spots are softer and warmer so the scent will emit throughout the day.
vanilla-atelier-cologne-sephora-could-i-have-thatciht_9-1-16_088ciht_9-1-16_106I should mention one of the perks of Atelier Cologne are the convenient sizes each scent is available in. I’ve been throwing the travel size bottle in my purse for a spritz on the go. vanilla-atelier-cologne-sephora-could-i-have-that-2ciht_9-1-16_121ciht_9-1-16_135ciht_9-1-16_149

Photography by Arna Bee // Thank you to Sephora for supporting this post.

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