Five Fall Beauty Tricks

October 6, 2016

fall-beauty-tricks-could-i-have-thatFall is one of those seasons that I always tend to feel like a fish swimming upstream when it comes to beauty. The cooler weather and darker days make it ten times harder to motivate out of bed each morning and somehow I always feel like I’m catching up while running out of the house half ready. This is a time of year that I need my bag of beauty tricks more than ever for tired eyes and overall brightening. Here are a few basic struggles I’m constantly facing and the solutions I rely on. 

#1 Tired Eyes. Because this is a busy time of year, I end up working well into the night. No matter how hard I try to sneak into the covers before 10 pm, the reality is morel like 11:30 by the time I’m dreaming. We’re up promptly with Elin at 7 am and before my coffee it’s a scary (puffy) sort of sight. So here’s what I’ve found that helps the most. First and foremost, drink water. I’ve put in a solid effort lately to hydrate more and it’s made a huge difference. After cleansing and hydrating I use BareMinerals Bareskin concealer. It’s become my favorite because it’s super duper light and never noticeable. After that I use the new Hourglass foundation stick and blending brush to even my skin and blend around my eyes. My goal, not to look like I’m wearing makeup and these two give the best invisible touch.
fall-beauty-tricks-could-i-have-that-2#2 Lack of Time. The last thing I want to do is spend a ton of time in front of the mirror every morning. So I’ve found that a few basic techniques go a long way to wake up your face and make you look and feel more pulled together. Filling in my eyebrows is at the top of this list. It visually lifts your eye and gives the illusion that you may have gotten more sleep than you did. My go to is Glossier Boy Brow. It fills and sculpts your brow and the color is not too dark.
fall-makeup-routine#3 Feeling pale. Clearly the hardest part about transitioning into fall is saying goodbye to your summer glow—the worst! I end up feeling ghostly when I look in the mirror. To balance out my fading tan I dab a bit of peach blush on the apples of my cheeks. I go between Bobbi Brown Fresh Melon and Nars’ Gina.fall-beauty-tricks-could-i-have-that-3#4 Dull and Dry Complexion. Dry air, lack of sleep, heaters and dehydration is the kiss of death in my world. Some days I wake up feeling parched and my skin in a dull state. To avoid days like this I try to drink tons of water (I’ve been using a water app, which has been helping!), exfoliate and hydrate daily. But one easy way to brighten your look (quickly) is to swipe a highlighter across your cheekbones, a teensy bit on the bridge of your knows and in the middle of your forehead. I’m obsessed with the two highlighters by Glossier because their subtle and have more shine then shimmer giving them a more natural effect. I also use a dab of Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Color on the middle of my lids—just a little! A makeup artist taught me this trick, it will instantly open your eyes and enhance a dewy look. fall-makeup-routine2#5 Unruly Baby Hairs. After Elin was born my hair thinned quite a bit and then it all came back, a common story among post baby ailments. Only now I’m struggling with the growing pains of these crazy annoying baby hairs, especially in the front. They like to do this not-so-cool version of a 70’s wave, which can’t be tamed by anything else but a hair dryer and round brush. Each morning I wake up with them doing their wavy thing and it drives me bonkers. But I found the trick! I spritz the whole front section with water, and blow dry straight down in front of my face. I do this a few times until its completely dry, then I define the part and blow dry the ends to soft bend. I just got a new hair dryer by ghd and it’s completely revolutionized the process, as its faster and leaves my hair amazingly smoother. If I have time, I’ll add some loose waves. ciht_9-19-16_066There you have it, my simple daily beauty tricks. I would love to hear what yours are spill the beans friends!

Photography by Arna Bee

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