Highlighting Tips And Tricks

September 7, 2017

I’ve been relishing in my bronzed summer skin lately while picking up a few tips and favorite products to enhance it. While I do believe in the “less is more” mindset when it comes to makeup—especially in the summer months—there are a few products that can really make in impact with a subtle dab here and there. Highlighting cremes and powders are something I love using especially with a sun kissed glow since it adds to that “fresh off the beach” vibe. Here are some favorites I’ve been using along with a few techniques when it comes to applying.

1. The subtle swipe. Most days I run out of the house pretty bare—concealer, mascara and brow gel—but a quick swipe along the high cheekbone with these pretty powders adds just enough glow for a “barely there” makeup look. Tip: use a fanned powder brush to apply for a subtle highlight and tap or blow on it before swiping along your cheeks.

2. Dewy highlights. Nothing says summer like a hydrated, dewy face. And, side note, that is the best way to keep your tan around longer so hydrate in all possible forms—H20, face oils or masks—and avoid harsh exfoliation. Back to being dewy, start with a well moisturized face. For the days I use a little foundation I love using these liquid illuminators by themselves or mixed with a touch of cheek color, bronzer or even both for a flushed glow. Tip: if you’re mixing it with blush, look in the mirror, smile and start dabbing on the apple of your cheek that lines up where the outer edge of your eye ends and stipple (light tapping/pressing that deposits and blends the product) upwards along your cheekbones.

3. The Primer trick. Everyday around 3 pm I start feeling a little drab. Lately I’ve been pulling out some favorite primers that have a bit of brightness/highlight to them and dabbing on my cheekbones, cupids bow, bridge of my nose and the inner parts of my eye—all of which are great places to lightly dab a touch of highlighter. Tip: If you’re feeling dry add a few drops of Osmia Rose Drops to your primer or spritz a rose water mist before hand.

Photography by Arna Bee

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