Motherhood: 5 Ways To Be More Present

October 26, 2017

I’ll be the first to admit that I get easily distracted—possible A.D.D. over here. My work hours have no limit, meaning my brain never leaves it, and I’m horrible at doing two things at once. But lucky for me I have a 3-year-old who keeps me in check when I’m not being present enough for her. And while I can stop everything (most of the time) and give her my attention, sometimes we both need more to be completely in tune. Going into the madness of the holidays, this seems more important than ever to keep in the forefront of my brain. Here are some of the ways I’ve been detaching myself from everything else while soaking in every moment with her.

Ditch The Technology

If I can hear or see my phone lighting up with a message of some sort, it’s literally impossible for me not to pick it up. For that very reason I put my phone away (out of sight), turn off the T.V. and put away computers so there are no distractions.

Get Outside

There’s something incredibly therapeutic about fresh air. Even just a quick walk around the block, picking lemons or watering the plants together in the yard can be the answer to our moods.

Get Artsy

My mom gave Elin a watercolor set and we both are obsessed with painting watercolor now. It’s an easy form of painting and oddly super calming. It’s one of my favorite things to do with her now.

Build A Fort

This is a fun one if it’s too cold outside. It always instigates pretend play, which I read recently is super healthy for a child’s cognitive, emotional and social development.


We used to make my favorite chocolate chip cookies, but then I realized the sugar content was no bueno for a toddler’s nap—lesson learned. So now we make these healthy oatmeal cookies with no sugar. Although we may be whipping up a batch of rice crispy treats this weekend, Halloween special.

I would love to hear how you detach from everything with your kids! Leave me a note below!

On me: Dôen Faye dress and bag, Gladys Tamez hat, Valia Gabriel sandals (similar).

On Elin: Bon Bon dress, Saltwater sandals, Wunderkin bows.

Photography by Arna.

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