Finding Me Time

February 13, 2018

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about motherhood, or just having a busy life, it’s this—make sure to find time for yourself. It’s like breathing when you get into juggling mode and we all, including myself, forget about the importance of it way too easily. When you’re the mom everyone’s needs tend to come before yours, which comes lovingly until you realize your the only one who hasn’t had breakfast yet. Raise your hand if this one has happened to you. We’re all so busy getting from A to B we forget to fill up the tank before it runs out of gas. 

I’ve been taking a conscious effort to check in with myself this year and really make it a priority to recognize when I need 10 minutes, a few hours or even a weekend to fill up my cup. That could be a phone-free weekend, lunch with my girlfriends, a glorious massage or some uninterrupted time with Elin. Whatever it is that you are craving be sure to honor it and make time for it. 

5 Ways To Get Your “Me Time”

1. Take a yoga class. A good sweat not only helps you detox from the week but it can give your mind and soul a mini break. 

2. Plan a weekend away. Whether it’s with your husband, girlfriends or mom, give yourself permission to indulge in a little time away. You’ll most likely return refreshed and spoiled.

3. Wake up 20 minutes before the rest of the household. I know this one can be tough (especially if you have a baby in the house who’s up a lot) but having a quiet calm before the morning hustle to have coffee, read or set intentions for the day will work wonders.

4. Learn something new or do something you’ve never done before. It’s way too easy to go into autopilot when you’re busy. And it’s even easier to come up with an excuse that you can’t take on one.more.thing. But trust me, because I did this recently, you will feel like a new person when you mix it up. It could be anything from reading a book or trying a new recipe to going out to lunch with someone you hardly know or taking a hip-hop class, even if you look ridiculous. 

5. Set up a regular night of the month or even week with a babysitter or grandma so you can have a night just to you and the Mr. When it’s already scheduled and on the calendar there’s no excuses to skip it and it’s something fun you can both look forward to. The older Elin gets the more I find this to be really important for me and Todd. 

Photography by Jacqueline Pilar. Thank you to Hatch for supporting this post! 

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