3 Ways To Wear Sunscreen, Everyday

March 2, 2018

See those freckles there? I’ve got quite a few of them, always have and always will—it comes with the ginger territory. My mom always drilled it into me that because of my freckle-prone skin I had to wear sunscreen everyday—roger that mom. Of course I didn’t listen.

In my teen years I repeatedly wound up with sunburns (remember when tan lines were “cool” *wince*), in my 20’s I wised up but found myself breaking out whenever I applied sunscreen under makeup to my face, which led to me simply hiding from the sun at times (by the way that’s impossible). Now in my 30’s I’ve finally found a rhythm when it comes to a daily SPF. And I have to say it might be all in thanks to a brand that has revolutionized sunscreen in the world of beauty—Supergoop!

The first Supergoop! product I tried was a body butter with SPF 40 in it. I was obsessed, used it everyday and started trying all of their products like a domino effect. What I love most about Supergoop! is that they have a solution, or product, to every dilemma you might have to protecting your skin everyday. Each one seamless fits into your usual beauty routine, if not enhancing it. 

While I love just about every product within Supergoop!, three in particular have earned permanent real estate in my makeup bag these days. 


1. Invincible Setting Powder. The newest product and probably the most important to pick up if you’re not currently wearing a daily SPF. I throw this in my bag and touch up my face throughout the day—yes you should re-apply your SPF every 2 hours. It’s a buildable mineral powder that mattifies and locks in moisture so you don’t get that dry feeling. I also love that it comes in 4 shades. 

2. Unseen Sunscreen. You know that feeling of wanting to have the protection of sunscreen but hate the feeling on your face? This is your answer. It’s incredibly light and literally feels like your not wearing an extra layer. You put it on after moisturizing and before makeup. 

3. Daily Correct CC Cream. I’ve been using this one for 6 months now and here’s why I can’t live without it now. You can wear it alone, it color corrects, provides protection without drying your skin out and makes your skin somehow look a-mazing. I wear this and nothing else most days because it’s that good. 


More favorites I use from Supergoop…

Thank you to Supergoop for supporting this post, all opinions are my own. // Photography by Jacqueline Pilar

Mineral Setting Powder

Burnish Diamond Cuff

Clementine Dress

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