Marysia Giveaway

May 10, 2018

I was asked recently when I feel the most beautiful and the first response that popped into my head was this—when I’m on the beach with a golden tan and soaking in a perfect beach day. Needless to say, that bikini life is (and always has been) a huge part of my personal style. Finding the right suit is key to feeling confident no matter what body shape you have.

My go-to for years has been Marysia swimwear and over the years I’ve gotten to know the mama behind the brand and I’m always inspired by her style and every collection she churns out. The colors, fit and shapes are always so chic, timeless and sophisticated it’s hard not to covet every suit. Also Marysia might be one of the most stylish mom’s I know, which is why I’m so excited to share a little bit about how she manages motherhood and a business below.

On me: Tuscany Maillot | On Elin: Bumby Tarpum Bay Maillot

And then there’s the Bumby collection for the kiddos. Caution, your heart might explode over these mini suits and cover-ups. Elin’s been wearing them since she could barely walk with her adorable tummy poking out. It crushes me every time! When people compliment her she says, “Marysia made it for me,” which also makes me melt.

Giveaway Details | $500 Gift Credit

I’m so excited to share another giveaway today with Marysia. Enter below to win a $500 gift credit to use on her site and score something for you, your mom, sister, grandma or mini! All you have to do is leave a comment below and follow both @marysia and @couldihavethat on Instagram. Good luck! Giveaway is limited to one winner and ends on 5/16 at 9 am PST.




How many kids to you have? Age? I have two girls that are 11 and 5.


What’s the best part of your day? Seeing their {her kids} faces when I pick them up from school.


What’s your least favorite part of the day? Getting the little ones dressed in the morning….it’s so hard.


Owning a business and being a mom is a juggling act. What things have you found that make it easier? Remembering the plusses…there are so many benefits of owning your own business and being your own boss that you must not get down on the things that are hard…I decided that getting help in the office instead of babysitters for the kids is the way to go. I want to be the one spending time with my girls so we’re building a strong team that can handle a lot of the work things…letting some of the control go to people you can trust is key.


What’s one important thing you do for yourself on a daily basis? Pilates 3 times a week….it’s really more physical therapy for my hips after having kids but hopefully it also gets me bikini ready…

Photography by Jacqueline Pilar.

Tuscany Maillot

Lanai Tunic

Venice Top

Venice Bikini Bottom

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