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September 27, 2018

The start of a new season brings plenty of reason to buy yourself a new handbag or a pair of boots. But I also love changing up my beauty routine with a few new products, routines and anything extra my skin is needing—usually dry around this time of year. And since I’m always on the look out for new tips, tricks and products, I wanted to share some of my recent discoveries with you.


It’s a thing, and yes it works. I’ve heard it from a few different sources and there are a handful of ways to do it. What does it do? It shrinks pores, reduces wrinkles, increases circulation and most importantly reduces inflammation and redness. You can literally grab an ice cube and run it over your face, just keep moving it so it doesn’t burn your skin. I do that typically or use a jade roller I keep in the fridge. 

Toxin Free Makeup

I’m a big fan of finding clean beauty products that actually work. Not everything I use is clean but I try to swap things out if there’s a equally (if not better) option out there. RMS cheek color and highlighters have been a favorite as of late.

Eye Brightening

Aging in my 30’s has translated to dark circles and tired eyes if I have stay up 30 minutes too late or eat too much sugar/salt. So I’ve been trying out a few favorites for covering up and brightening up those trouble spots. My current favorites: RMX Eye Pencil and Benefit Brightening Concealer.

Bold Mascara

It’s the one thing in your makeup bag that can completely change your look. Sometimes I just put on a BB Cream and a swipe of mascara for a naturalish look. Lately the new Nars Climax Mascara has been my favorite. Somehow it makes your lashes look a tad longer.

Shop My Current Favorites:

In my beauty bag (pictured) : RMS Cheek Color, Nars Mascara, Tom Ford Bronzer, Bobbi Brown Nude Eye Palette (coming soon – a similar option), Jade Roller, Bobbi Brown Illuminating Foundation

Photography by Jacqueline Pilar.

A-Line Liquid Blush

Blush in Gina

Lip 2 Cheek Blush

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