Gone Country

July 26, 2010

Our recent trip to a friends ranch in Colorado was an unforgettable time filled with perfect weather, fishing, horseback riding, cowboy wear, atvs, amazing food and lots of laughter. We spent five days with six of our closest friends enjoying the great outdoors and soaking in the beautiful scenery sans blackberries and iphones. Our meals were prepared by chef Tom who made us lobster, trout sandwiches (that we caught!), steak, chili, venison, chocolate chip cookies and more. I think my cheeks might still be sore from having a perma-smile during our vacation which seemed to fly by and end too quickly. But I’m happy to say that I returned home with a little more country in me.

P.S. I swear by this bug spray—Avon Bug Guard. It smelled amazing and kept the bugs away.

Scout, the horse I rode had the cutest ears
I lost every Checkers game I played
Cold beers never tasted so good
The girls heading out for some fish
Chef Tom’s Cherry Jubilee dessert
Full moon + blazing fire pit + S’mores = bliss
The beau and I after a long trail ride

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