Desert Féte

August 30, 2010
There’s one thing I can count on when hanging out with my two older sisters, laughter. And not just giggles here and there, but the kind of laughter that leaves tears in your eyes and sore abs. This weekend we celebrated my sister Tegan’s birthday at the La Quinta Resort & Spa it was nothing short of the usual marathon of fun. We brunched at The Parker one morning, sipped cocktails by the pool, flipped through thick September fashion mags, splurged on dinner at Morgans and relaxed at the spa. I lived in my favorite Eres bikini, J.Crew Panama hat and the thinnest sundresses I own (see here and here) since it was a toasty 100º during the day and 80º at night.
[ Afternoon light shining through the Palm trees ]
[ Brunch at The Parker’s Norma’s restaurant. Sugar doughnut holes with lemon curd and jam were gone in about 2 min—standard with my family ]
[ Love the design details at The Parker—like this wall at the front entrance ]
[ Poolside reading and the beau loving the water ]
[ Love the Casita style rooms at La Quinta—our pool ]

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