Le Palais Rhoul in Marrakech

November 2, 2010

Recently I was asked the question what I fantasize about. Since I’m a bit of a dreamer there were so many answers I could have given, but after more thought I’ve come up with just one that covers them all. In my wildest fantasy I would be a Jumpertranslation, the ability to teleport oneself anywhere on earth. Forget airports and TSA, I want to have lunch in Paris, sunbathe on an island in Greece, watch the sun set over Table Mountain all in one day before falling asleep in my own bed. High on my list of places I would instantly transport myself to is Le Palais Rhoul, a boutique hotel in Marrakech that was once a private estate. The incredibly romantic setting has 12 suites and 6 luxury tents—complete with fireplaces, bathrooms and dipping pools—and a spa. It’s the kind of place I dream about loosing track of time, falling asleep in the sun, reading a book and soaking in a giant tub. During the day if I’m feeling in a rut, I go to the website, which has music and images to mentally transport me for a few minutes—It might be the closest I ever get to being a Jumper.

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