Chocolate Chip Goodness

February 24, 2011

This past week the weather has been extra cold with looming grey clouds that threaten rain, the kind of weather that begs for a fire and comfort food, and nothing warms me up quite like a warm chocolate chip cookie straight out of the oven. Maybe it’s the memories of making them as a kid with my brother, but I love the classic, simple recipe that’s easy to alter and make your own. Over the weekend I made a couple batches and received rave reviews. Here are a few key tricks I’ve learned along the way from other cookie-making-masters. So far this is the best recipe to follow.

[ Trick #1 Add more brown sugar than white ]
[ Trick #2 Melt the butter before mixing it in. This will give that perfectly crispy yet chewy texture ]
[ Trick #3 Always add extra Vanilla ]
[ Trick #4 Mix in the chocolate chips with a spoon, not a mixer ]
[ Trick #5 Don’t over-cook. For doughier cookies take out right when the edges start turning golden brown. I like to sprinkle coarse salt on them half way through ]
Check out this recipe and many others on Sweet As Sugar Cookies and U Try It

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