Bits and Tips

February 16, 2012
Lingerie at Ava + Aliria 
Valentine’s Day may have come and gone, but I haven’t quite lost my desire for feminine wardrobe favorites, sweet treats, lacy lingerie and bits of pink. In fact it always seems to jump start my sudden urge for a lighter, sunnier season to arrive, right away. I can hardly wait for the chance to slip on a sun dress, wear pastels and go for a bike ride (in shorts). Here’s a look at some ways I’ve been celebrating the romantic week.
 My faux macaroons with pink frosting
 My favorite place to score vintage jewelry, Ava + Aliria.
 An antique light fixture I’m coveting.
Pastel colored heart cookies I gave as Valentine’s Day gifts. P.S. I found the best icing recipe yet, found on the back of this meringue powder container. Tip, leave the icing to sit for 15 minutes before spreading it on the cookies, it will be less runny and easier to manage.

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