Cocktail Hour

May 30, 2012
Nothing tops off a perfect day at the beach (or pool) quite like a cold margarita. I recently picked up a batch of Lychees that were so incredibly good I was instantly inspired to make something with them. And since the recent days have been so warm and summer-like I decided a round of margaritas was in order. The outcome? Crazy delicious and I highly recommend trying this recipe (see below).
Lychee Margaritas
1 cup of peeled and chopped lychees
1/2 cup lime juice
a little ice
1/3 cup Triple Sec
a shot or two of tequila
Blend the lychees, lime juice, ice and triple sec in a blender. Pour tequila over ice in glasses and pour the blended mixture over. Garnish with a lychee and coat the glass rims with lime and salt, something I regret not doing here but I was too eager to sip my concoction!

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