Homemade Ice Cream

July 31, 2012
Grapefruit sorbet (garnished with rosemary) and peach ice cream.
Last summer one thing I failed to cross off my ‘must-do’ list was make homemade ice cream. I finally bought an ice cream maker (this one┬áby Cuisinart) a month ago and have been freezing up a storm lately. I get easily intimidated by complex recipes so I wanted to start out with some simple yet refreshing flavors. Since the grapefruit sorbet and peach ice cream got two thumbs up from the beau, I decided to share them with you. And for the record, making ice cream is much easier than it sounds.
Peach ice cream using this recipe.
Grapefruit sorbet using this recipe.
On a cooking side note… I recently discovered the best non-slip cutting boards by Dexas (here). I’ve been relaying on them recently for my ice cream makin’ adventures.

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