Bits and Tips

January 10, 2013
{ 2013 leather pocket date book with gold edges. }
It’s hard to get back into the swing of things after the holidays. It always takes me at least a couple of weeks to get my head right (and out of vacation mode). And like every new beginning, it’s always nice to start out extra organized. I picked up a new 2013 leather pocket book calendar (and added in all my important dates), tidied up my wardrobe, gave our backyard patio a mini facelift and did some light redecorating around the house. Here’s a few favorite things I’ve been enjoying lately.
{ A new pave tear drop ring from Ariel Gordon. }
{ Oversized totes have become my go-to. I’m especially loving this one from one of my favorite e-shops Abejas boutique, the thick strap is beyond comfortable. }
{ Blooming Paperwhite Narcissus bulbs. }
 { A bowl of Sycamore fruits displayed in a bowl. }
 { Crystal spike earrings from my pal Grace of Stripes and Sequins. }

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