Bits and Tips

February 6, 2013
{ Clear stacking trays for jewelry. }
Whenever I leave for a trip, I notoriously create a tornado of chaos behind me. In an effort to not do so this time around, I did a little organizing and tidying up and discovered a few things I’ve been meaning to share with you. Also be sure to follow me while I’m in New York on instagram, twitter and now Vine (@could i have that), which by the way is a fun new video app I highly suggest checking out—it’s too fun!
 { An engraved cake knife. }
 { Recently on my arm, this “amour” bracelet. }
 { I finally broke down and bought my favorite romance movie. }
{ A fun polaroid from a Quiksilver adventure I had last weekend. Be sure to check out their new Spring collection here. }

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