Rum Float

March 19, 2013
There’s just something about California sunshine in the spring months that’s too perfect for words—never too hot, never too cold. Coming out of winter, nothing sounds better than a lazy afternoon spent lounging in the sun with a cold (spiked) beverage. And that’s exactly what I did. I had a serious root beer float craving but with no root beer in the house I had to improvise, enter the Rum Float. Warning, apply sunscreen before dozing off.
Rum Float:
1 shot of rum
2 scoops of good vanilla bean ice cream
1-2 shots of diet pepsi
Pour the rum in first. Add scoops of ice cream and top with diet pepsi. Optional: add whipped cream on top, I would have done this if I’d had some on hand!
 Get extra festive with a cocktail umbrella!

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