Rice Crispy Goodness

April 3, 2013
I’m pretty sure there are some girl scouts out there that might be slightly afraid of me. I notoriously get way too excited when I catch sight of one of their stands, buy far too many and get mildly aggressive if they’re out of thin mints—totally kidding on the last part, sort of. This year we ended up with one too many boxes of the addictive cookies so I decided to get creative with some. Enter, Chocolate Thin Mint Crispies.
 What you’ll need:
Thin Mint girl scout cookies / semi sweet chocolate chips /
marshmallows / rice crispies / butter
Put 3-5 thin mints in a baggie and smash into crumbs.
In a saucepan melt 4 tablespoons of butter over medium-low heat. Add in a bag of marshmallows—I prefer the little ones since they’re easier to melt and mix around. Note: if you like a softer rice crispy treat (like me), add less rice crispies and more marshmallows.
Mix the marshmallows around until they are a smooth texture. Add just a pinch of salt. Pour the marshmallow mixture into a bowl with rice crispies (about half a bag). Stir together and put into a greased pan. Melt a cup of semi sweet chocolate chips in a sauce pan and spread over the rice crispy treats. Sprinkle with a layer of thin mint crumbs.
Leave in the freezer for 10 min, cut and serve.

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