Bits and Tips

June 6, 2013

{ My über cool shower invite made by Bungalow 36. }

With our wedding less than two months away the list of to-do’s seems more important than ever. Juggling everything at once can be daunting at times but I always remind myself to take a step back and enjoy the whirlwind. One lesson I have learned in the course of planning a wedding, being a freelancer and running a blog, sometimes you can’t get everything done and it’s ok. The past week has been filled with so many sweet moments—dress fittings with moms, turning 30 (gasp!), choosing our wedding bands—that I’ve made sure to be present and in the moment for all of it. Here are some other things currently making me smile.
{ Silk shorts with cut-out edgings by Gypsy05. }
{ One of many antique tea cups that I inherited from my grandma. }
{ Our wedding invites by Bungalow 36 getting stamped, stuffed and mailed. }
{ A new candle from By Rosie Jane that smells like summer. }

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