In the Bush

August 27, 2013

IMG_5086From the moment we boarded a teeny tiny plane to the Sabi Sand reserve I was completely captivated by the entire safari experience. Flying over African plains immediately made me feel like I was living some kind of romantic novel. We landed on two different airstrips in the middle of the bush before getting to our lodge, Chitwa Chitwa. Upon arriving we were greeted by a safari jeep, two friends from the lodge, a herd of Impalas and a couple of Kudus. After a quick ten minute drive we pulled up to Chitwa Chitwa and were handed a drink that was so refreshing I had to pace myself when taking sips. After having a quick tour and whispering to each other, “this is insane!” we were taken to our room which literally took my breath away. Our villa which sat right on a lake where animals frequented would have knocked any interior designers socks right off their feet. A dreamy safari bed, a bathtub surrounded by glass so you could watch animals while soaking in bubbles, a private dipping pool, rich decor, a giant bathroom and a deck where we silently watched ¬†hippos, impala, waterbuck, monkeys, crocodiles and the occasional elephant. After flopping on the bed, changing and having lunch, we were off on our first drive. Each day there were two drives, one at 6 am, early enough to watch the sunrise, and the second at 4:30, which lasted well past dark. Halfway through each drive our ranger would pick a safe spot for us to get out of the jeep to soak in the view with coffee or wine. On our first day, two elephants strolled up (in the distance) and I was immediately hooked.

Joie jacket, sweater, jeans and boots, Ray Ban aviators from Nordstroms, Old Navy chambray top, Albeit necklace, Ariel Gordon Signet Dog Tag necklace.
One of my favorite parts of the drive, watching the sunset in the bush with a glass of wine. There’s just nothing that compares to how peaceful and utterly beautiful it is.

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