Four Seasons Seychelles

September 7, 2013

IMG_7146{ Joie top, Paige cut-off shorts}

It’s hard to describe a place that’s so impressive and breathtaking when no words can sufficiently do it justice. But here I go. After our 8-day stay on Denis Island we piled into (another) small plane and made our way over to Mahe island, which is the largest island in the Seychelles. Our World Odyssey friends picked the Four Seasons Seychelles as our final honeymoon stop and I couldn’t have imagined a better place to cap off our adventure. We were floored by our enormous room that hung over the beach below. Each room had its own dipping pool, multiple decks, a ginormous bathtub and comfortable lounging areas so there was little reason to leave your room. IMG_7054IMG_7190 However after a morning walk around the property we quickly fell in love with the resort’s picture perfect beach cove. I had to pinch myself it felt too good to be real. A good chunk of each day was spent lounging, snorkeling and swimming in the warmest, clearest water I’ve been in. I wanted to hold on to every moment there forever because it felt like a complete and utter dream. IMG_7184While lounging on the flour-like sand beach refreshments were brought to us throughout the day—frozen melon on a stick, tropical smoothing samples, iced towels, attendants to clean your sunglasses and fresh fruit. We began to feel like royalty.IMG_7191yfbIMG_7040 { Young Fabulous and Broke maxi dress, vintage belt from Waverly Boutique. }IMG_7250 IMG_7219{ Mixing and matching favorite swimsuits—Mikoh top, Xirena bottoms. }IMG_7235At the end of every day we’d cool off in our dipping pool and watch the sunset. The heart-skipping view is something I will never forget and hope to return to some day. IMG_7117Amazing, fresh fruit was a daily treat. Our room was constantly replenished with passion fruit, baby sized bananas, guavas and more. I became a bit obsessed with a two exotic favorites, star fruit and soursop. Both made excellent gelato flavors—guilty.IMG_7128Our giant bathtub with a view of the sea. IMG_7224IMG_7183Our last sunset in the Seychelles and the end to the most majestic trip of our lives.

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