Bits and Tips

November 8, 2013

Afternoon Sweet{ My favorite kind of afternoon pick-me-up, a homemade chocolate chip cookie. I recently whipped up a batch with white and milk chocolate chips. Jeans by Current/Elliott }

There’s really only one thing that is harsh about transitioning into fall. The time change. But like most anticipated, and slightly dreadful, occasions it’s like ripping off a bandaid. Once it’s done it never seems that bad after the fact. And on the flip side, this week it was chilly enough to have a fire, which instigated all kinds of cozy fall favorites—hot cider, holiday movies, chili and cornbread night and, my favorite, homemade cookies. Needless to say I’m beginning to fully embrace the season. Also if you’re in the techie mood this weekend, be sure to check out a new iPad app called Stylewhile. You can virtually try on clothes it’s completely addicting. And be sure to find my curated wish list once you download the app here. Happy (virtual) shopping!Kate Spade clutch{ A new Kate Spade clutch I plan on using for holiday parties. }Santa Ynez{ A day spent in Santa Ynez, stay tuned for a fun video sharing all my favorite stops! }The Laundress{ My latest obsession, washing my own cashmere with these essentials from The Laundress. }    Cynthia Vincent{ A visit with Cynthia Vincent, and a new coat I picked up and can’t wait to share. }  Rincon Beach{ One freakishly warm Indian Summer day spent at Rincon Beach. }Bubble Bath{ The best bubble bath around from Library of Flowers, also a great holiday gift. }

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