Bits and Tips

December 13, 2013

Bits and Tips
{ Lunch with my fire cracker grandparents who have been married for 70 years. One milkshake, two straws. Could they be any cuter? }

Last weekend we took a quick trip to visit my 92-year-old grandparents. You’re probably thinking snooze fest right? Quite the opposite. I’m not sure what they’ve done right in their lives, but they’re still in amazing shape, cracking jokes, ordering cheese dog sandwiches and milkshakes, barking at each other from time to time, telling endless amounts of legendary stories and running a ranch (with help of course). Every time I see them I’m reminded of how much I want to be just like them but also how amazing life can really be. Here are some bits from our stay with them, and highlights from the week. Bits and Tips { Finally opening some of the tea I brought back from Paris. }Bits and Tips { A mini emergency kit that came in handy on our recent road trip. }Bits and Tips { A toasty fire at my grandparents house. }Bits and Tips { Frost covered leaves one morning on the ranch. }Bits and Tips{ Two beauty favorites at the moment: Diptyque soap (smuggled from my hotel room in Paris) and a limited edition wild plum mask from Tata Harper. }Bits and Tips{ A favorite combo: R13 tee and a Nocturne necklace. }Bits and Tips{ Stiff old fashion cocktails and a game of nines with my grandparents. }

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