March in Marrakech (Part II)

March 14, 2014

March in MarrakechFor a place as stylish and intoxicating as Marrakech is, it’s no surprise that Yves Saint Laurent had a home/garden there. I knew right away that Jardin Majorelle was going to be one of my favorite sites to see. After visiting the colorful and fantasy-like grounds of Majorelle, we went to another private garden and museum called Palmeraie. As the heat became intense we turned in for a relaxing afternoon with the Four Seasons Resort.

Joie skirt, Equipment top, Yosi Samra sandals, Garrent Leight sunglasses, Vince scarf, Mr. Kate necklace, Ariel Gordon necklace. On my husband: CWST shirt and pants, Vans.
March in MarrakechMarch in MarrakechMarch in MarrakechMarch in MarrakechMarch in MarrakechMarch in MarrakechMarch in MarrakechNaturally the street is named after Yves Saint Laurent. March in MarrakechMarch in MarrakechI came away craving the saturated blue that filled Jardin Majorelle. March in MarrakechMarch in MarrakechUpon returning to the Four Seasons we had mint tea in the shade to cool off and unwind. March in MarrakechMarch in MarrakechThe fixings for traditional Moroccan mint tea: loose tea (typically green), mint and sugar.March in Marrakech A quick change for dinner at Azzera. Wearing: The Odells tunic, Cynthia Vincent sandals, fringe bag found in the souks. March in MarrakechLights I admired everyday in the lobby at the Four Seasons.

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