Baby Bump

July 8, 2014

Baby BumpI’m pretty sure the title of this post says it all, but I’m excited to share the news that we’re expecting a little one in November! From our first ultrasound when we saw our baby rub its eyes and cross its legs I’ve felt completely in love. It’s all I seem to think about these days especially now that I’m feeling all kinds of movement. Fortunately I’ve had a smooth pregnancy so far with nothing to complain about aside from occasional back aches and a severe craving for grapefruit. We’ve decided not to find out the gender, I know I know the patience and what about the nursery! I’ve always felt that there are only so many good surprises in life and this one I’m waiting for. So you’ll have to hold tight with me until the big day. Although Todd is convinced its a boy.

One thing I keep circling back to is how our baby (who’s the size of a Papaya this week!) is half Todd and half me. It makes my heart flutter and wonder what bits of him and what bits of me he or she might have… his smile that stole my heart 13 years ago… my red hair… his Italian olive skin… my freckles… my nose… our eyes… I can’t wait to meet this little one.

Sundry dress, Gladys Tamez Millineray hat, Valia Gabriel sandals.

Baby BumpBaby BumpBaby BumpBaby BumpBaby Bump Baby Bump Baby BumpPhotography by Arna Bee

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