Blue Apron

December 10, 2014

Blue ApronI love cooking, don’t get me wrong, but every once in a while I go through slumps and find myself too busy or too exhausted to go through the motions. Especially when it involves a trip to the grocery store. When I first heard about Blue Apron it was through a friend who had just had a baby. They raved about how easy, convenient and fresh the whole meal was. So we decided to try it out ourselves while juggling our new routine with Elin. One week, six meals later and I’ve found myself becoming the biggest advocate for Blue Apron. The chef-designed meals arrive to your front door step with the locally sourced ingredients already included, measured out and accompanied with a step by step recipe card. It was so straight forward Todd was able to make most of the meals without me interfering—a huge plus! And each meal was no more than 40 min cook time. We’re completely hooked and I couldn’t think of a better gift to give someone during the holidays.
Blue ApronBlue ApronBlue ApronOne of my favorite meals that we made was a beef sandwich with an heirloom potato salad. All the ingredients tasted so fresh and flavorful and this one in particular was great for either lunch or dinner. To see more Blue Apron recipes and meals click here. And for the first 50 readers, click here to get 2 free meals with your first order. 
Blue ApronBlue Apron Blue ApronBlue Apron

Photos by Arna Bee

Thank you to Blue Apron for supporting this post.

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