Diani Design Studio

May 11, 2016

CIHT_DIANI_4.11_16_019I’ve been a longtime fan of Caroline Diani’s style, clothing store (Diani Boutique) and overall zen-like approach to living. So when she added a home store and now design studio to her growing brand I couldn’t wait to see the amazing things she would fill the new spaces with. Sure enough, I find myself wandering into the home store, Diani Living, on a frequent basis for inspiration, gifts, linens, textiles, incredible antique finds and overall home essentials that seem to tie everything together in an effortless way. While updating Elin’s room I found myself searching for hits of hot pink (see her new room revealed in Could I Have That? Mini). Since the room started out so neutral adding a few warm notes seemed like a perfect transition.
diani-living-studio-visit-2And then I came across the textile I had been dreaming of in my head at Diani Living. Caroline not only houses amazing fabrics/rugs that she finds all over the world but she also offers consulting appointments at her new Diani Design Studio to transform amazing prints into custom pillows that can be any shape, size or softness that you desire. CIHT_DIANI_4.11_16_050So we got to work choosing a fabric for the backing, deciding what the best shape would be for Elin’s reading nook and adding some vintage gold tassels that Caroline had recently found. I also learned during the process that the fabric was an antique Chinese wedding blanket—a tradition in China where mother’s and daughters sew a blanket together the whole year before their wedding, which made it that much sweeter to give to Elin. CIHT_DIANI_4.11_16_062 CIHT_DIANI_4.11_16_027I also loved getting to visit Caroline’s Design Studio for the reason that I got a sneak peek at the pieces she wasn’t showcasing at her store. Not to mention getting inspired by the dream worthy loft workspace.
diani-living-studio-visit-4Caroline’s pup Raisin, the resident pillow tester, and a pair of blue chairs that are too cool for words.
CIHT_DIANI_4.11_16_022 CIHT_DIANI_4.11_16_032A birds eye view of Diani Design Studio. CIHT_DIANI_4.11_16_065CIHT_4.30.16_012Elin in her reading nook with her new Diani Living pillow—she approves. Get the full tour of her room here.

Photography by Arna Bee

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