Weekday Pick-Me-Ups

May 27, 2016


Since moving into my new office, my weekdays have become much more structured and focused. It’s amazing how much you can get done when the environment is just right. And while I do love my new space, every once in a while I like to change the scenery and plug in at a coffee shop or sprawl out my work on our Moroccan rug at home. But like any long day (wherever I am), I’ve discovered that little pick-me-ups are key to staying focused, motivated and productive.


For the first few hours of my day I rely on a good cup of coffee to get me going. And something about the ritual helps to pump me up for the day. It’s also a necessity in my world when it comes to answering emails in the morning.

Like clockwork I get hungry around 11 am. I joke that I was born to brunch because no matter how much I eat at 8 am, I still hit that wall before lunch. So I always come to work prepared with some healthy snacks like almonds, pretzels, cheese and my latest favorite Active® Fruit Fusion Blueberry & Blackberry. This yogurt is always a healthy choice since its chocked full of good things like probiotics and calcium while tasting refreshing and filling at the same time. The fresh berry taste keeps me coming back for more.

Another little tip I live by at the office: take time to daydream. The best ideas come to me when I’m relaxed and not stressing out over something. So every once in a while I enjoy my late morning pick-me-up in a favorite spot (away from my computer) and decompress a bit.


The next point in my day where I always seem to drag my feet is that 3 pm zone. It’s usually when I think about ending the day early or feel like my attention span is dwindling. There are a few things I do around this time to perk myself back up. The first is to get outside. Sometimes fresh air can instantly liven you back up. I’ll take my camera and another yogurt or snack and go exploring occasionally. Next thing I do is freshen up my makeup, somehow it just helps. A little cheek color, highlighter and lip gloss before meetings does wonders.

Wearing an Ulla Johnson top.

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