July 11, 2016

CIHT_NYC_JUNE_172When I first started coming to New York City I’d always stay with my best friend in her Soho apartment. She dialed me in on where to eat, get coffee, do my laundry and introduced me to some spots that are still my favorites to this day. Having never fulfilled my ‘living in New York’ fantasy my lengthy visits were like gold and I loved every minute of pretending to be a local. After my visits became more frequent the neighborhood started to feel more and more like a second home to me. I had a routine, coffee and a cookie at Vesuvio, a nightcap at The Dutch, a breakfast sandwich at Local, meetings at Once Upon A Tart and the list goes on. But since that time I’ve come to appreciate a few other neighborhoods. Greenwich, where we stayed last fall (read about our visit here) and most recently Chelsea.

Isabel Marant jeans, Hesperios sweater, Grace Atelier de Luxe bag, Jennifer Fisher cuffs, Nicolas Kirkwood flats.
CIHT_NYC_JUNE_205 chelsea2We found a sweet apartment just a block from The High Line and a few blocks from Chelsea Market via One Fine Stay. We had an amazing garden patio, Parisian-like rooms and tons of amazing shopping, restaurants and things to do just steps from our front door. That’s the thing I learned about Chelsea, you’re so centrally located its just easy to get anywhere. plus I absolutely loved the change of pace and being so close to the Meatpacking District. CIHT_NYC_JUNE_180 CIHT_NYC_JUNE_183Mornings were my favorite. We’d wake up (semi early thanks to miss Elin Mae) and head for coffee—either High Line Hotel, Blue Bottle or La Colombe. Then we’d make our way to The High Line and go for a little walk. Around 8 am, there’s hardly anyone up there so it’s actually refreshing getting to see it in such a peaceful state. Not a bad way to start the day.
CIHT_NYC_JUNE_181Not too far away we found 192 Books and a playground which became a double stop. Something about bookstores feels oh so New York. chelsea1 CIHT_NYC_JUNE_187 CIHT_NYC_JUNE_202Lastly there’s something about Chelsea that makes you fall in love with the city all over again. I couldn’t decide if it was the views from The High Line or how close you are to getting a view of the Hudson River. Either way, I came to love this little zone and I’m glad I know it a little better now. CIHT_NYC_JUNE_185Photography by Arna Bee

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