Bits and Tips

August 15, 2016

august-bits-and-tips-could-i-have-that_6{ This Lumira candle has been filling our home with the most amazing scent. }

This past weekend we didn’t do much. In fact a good chunk of it was spent watching the Olympics with the AC pumping (I’m slightly addicted to watching Phelps collected metals) however it was just what I needed. After a rough and busy week I found myself feeling a bit burnt out. The best way to describe my mood was this, “like a fish swimming upstream.” A lack of inspiration and a boatload of work kept me from enjoying what I was doing. I needed to press restart in a big way and get my head straight. I’ve learned that frustration can be the most debilitating emotion but it can also force you to pause, reflect and find a better way. Something creative almost always comes out of a truthful moment of hitting a wall, so I sat down over the weekend to regroup. I’m a list person so I organized my thoughts in a few written ways and zeroed in on what was working and what wasn’t. One of the first things I came away with was missing this series, Bits and Tips, which has been neglected this past year. In a way this series keeps me rooted to the core of Could I Have That?—sharing the different things (big and small) that are currently inspiring my lifestyle. So I’m bringing it back, one Bits and Tips post a week. Now tell me, is there anything you wish you could see more of on Could I Have That? or less of?
CIHT_4.11.16_183{ Shades of light blue: shirt by Frame (similar), jeans by M.i.h. }
artifact-uprising-could-i-have-that{ I finally got around to making a photo book of our trip to Morocco. I used Artifact Uprising and couldn’t be happier with the paper quality, images and layout. I think I’ve flipped through it at least three times over the past week. }summer-beauty-essentials-4{ Paid a visit to my hairstylist after 4 (long) months—thanks to a busy travel schedule and procrastinating—and I found this old picture of how I wanted my highlights to look. That piece in front, just a teensy bit brighter is good. }august-bits-and-tips-could-i-have-that_8{ Some new favorite beach bag essentials I’ve been loving. }CIHT_3.25.16_106{ Last but not least, any weekend spent with a naked baby bum is a good one in my book. Most definitely the highlight of my week. I’m working on another Tiny Talk post, trust me its a good one so stay tuned. }

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