Tiny Talk: 22 Months

September 9, 2016

There’s no better way to sum up an update on miss Elin than sharing this video of her singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Over the past few months she’s gone from saying single words to spouting out full sentences, singing songs and imitating us like a parrot. Each week we seem to communicate on a whole new level and it’s amazing to say the least, but also ten times easier since I can decipher what she’s needing now. And boy does she let me know, ha. In a nutshell her personality has really started to shine and I find myself sitting back and watching her buzz around the room in amazement. Here are some more updates at 22 months. 

Best Part Of the Day: After every bath she insists on giving me a hug, pre towel wrap. I end up soaked, but really I’ll take that squeeze for as long as it lasts.

Hardest Part of the Day: Our sitter comes at 8:45 am and sometimes I’m still in my robe. Getting myself and Elin fed, dressed and ready for the day is not always easy. She wants to have my attention and can’t understand why I won’t drop everything and read a book or color. We have the occasional meltdown but each time we talk through it she seems to sink in more.

Favorite Toy: We did a shoot for the next Could I Have That? Mini (coming out on Tuesday!) and gave all the kids sparkly fairy wands—Elin hasn’t put hers down since.

Sleep Status: We still have her sleeping in the crib since she’s not climbing out or trying to get out. Her sleep patterns have been pretty consistent (7 pm to 7 am) minus some bad nights thanks to those canines coming in.

Biggest Milestone: Walking down the small stairs outside our kitchen all on her own, small stairs but still!

Good Habit: She’s really into brushing her teeth—“with toothpaste mama!”—every night.

Bad Habit: Resorting to iPhone videos/movies to entertain Elin as a  “last resort” effort to finish our meals. I feel guilty every time so I try my hardest to bring a bag full of distractions.

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