Rise and shine: Bullet Proof Coffee

March 27, 2017

My pal and photographer Arna Bee has become my wellness guru these past few years. I’m constantly getting her advice when it comes to healthy routines, homeopathic remedies, special treatments, clean beauty and recipes. So when she climbed into my car one morning with a mason jar filled with a fancy looking latte of sorts, I started peppering her with questions. 

Her answer? Bullet Proof Coffee but with her own spin on it. In a nutshell its your normal cup of jo but packed with more energy using healthy fats from ingredients like Ghee and Coconut Oil, so you feel better and think better throughout your day. Sounds too good to be true, right? It is, because it’s actually crazy delicious too. I asked Arna to share her recipe because I can’t wait to start mixing this up every morning.

1. 2 cups of fresh brewed coffee—Pour-Over coffee container pictured above.

2. 1 TBS of Ancient Organics Ghee

3. 1 TBS of organic coconut oil

4. 1-2 TBS of Sun Potion’s Anandamide—which tastes delicious and aids in stress relief, higher thought process, fertility and depression.

5. Mix ingredients in blender

* add other tonics and herbs based on your health & needs—check out the different options from Sun Potion

* ghee & coconut oil portion can also be increased/decreased

Here’s why she likes it:

“Unlike a shot of espresso in the morning (although I love this on occasion) this blend of fats and herbs keeps the energy flowing throughout the day. The Anandamide blended with ghee is absolutely delicious and my body feels nourished!” – Arna Bee


Photography + recipe by Arna Bee.

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