Mother’s Day: Fill Her Tote

April 27, 2017

My friends at Apolis sent over this market bag and it sparked a Mother’s Day gift idea that I had to share with you. So here goes it…

Fact, all mom really wants to do is spend some time with you. So what if you could combine a gift that supports a day of fun together? Wine tasting, spa, a day at the beach… you get the idea. Find a tote bag (you can personalize this one) and fill it with goodies she can use on your “surprise day” and a sweet card letting her know where you’re adventure is taking place and when. With summer on the horizon, I figured a sun-filled beach day would be the ultimate slam dunk. So here are 10 things to fill her tote bag with…
1. A good sun hat. A woman can never have too many and less face it, we want anything that is going to help us age gracefully and in style. And you can take it a step further and personalize this hat by getting a customized embroidery of her favorite beach.

2. Because a new bathing suit is a no brainer, sneak in a Marysia style that will surely make her shriek.
3. Sunglasses, duh. She’s definitely going to need a pair of shades so aim for a shape you know she already loves—i.e. cat eye, aviator etc. I’m all about this Dior pair lately.

4. A good beach blanket. If you need some ideas on where to find the perfect one, I compiled all my favorite resources here5. Sandals that can take her from the beach to lunch. This pair by beek is so good. Hop below for more ideas.

6. Mom is going to need something to throw on over that bikini. Check out this sweet caftan.

7. A stylish water bottle for a day of being in the sun.
8. A fun game or two—smash ball or a deck of cards. Take it a step further and personalized the cards on Shutterfly with a photo.

9. Beach snacks, something you know she loves or indulges in.

10. And finally, a waterproof disposable camera—remember those! Capture the day in an old school way, plus just getting the photos back is like a present in itself.
On me: Marysia suit, Preston & Olivia hat, Smoke & Mirrors sunglasses. On Elin: Sunuva rash guard, bikini and dress.

More ideas for filling mom’s tote.

Photography by Arna

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