Away at Alisal Ranch…

June 26, 2017

Today we’re packing our bags for one of our favorite getaway destinations—Alisal Ranch. We went there last year and completely fell in love with the summer camp vibe, tranquility (no tv’s just a wood burning fireplace in your room) and a long list of things to do from fishing and horseback riding to getting a massage or sitting by the pool. We quickly discovered that this was a vacation that families turned into a tradition, returning year after year. In fact you can’t just sit at any table when it comes to dinner, certain people get seniority because they’ve been going for so long. It’s old school and I love it.

Having been before I have a much better idea on what to pack for the two days of ranch adventures. Hop below to see what I’m bringing along and tune into my updates on Instagram.

Photography by Arna

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