A Wellness Getaway in Napa

June 12, 2017

Last week I got utterly spoiled for two days in Napa for a wellness retreat with True Botanicals and Solage Calistoga. I filled up on some much needed R&R but also got to pick up some pretty amazing health and beauty tips from the group who I’d consider well versed in the world of wellness. I feel like I’m a newbie in so many ways when it comes to clean beauty so I’m like a sponge when I get around those who are deeply knowledgeable. 

So between eating amazing food at Michelin star restaurants, sipping wine, getting pampered at the spa and soaking in the geo-thermal pools, there was lots of chatter about what we’re all loving, using, eating and discovering. I literally would pull out my phone and start writing down their tips so I wouldn’t forget. Here are the things I went home and immediately started using/incorporating into my routine. 1. I’m officially hooked on the True Botanicals line especially after sitting down with the founder Hillary Peterson who helped me identify what my skin needed. She deterred me from using a facial brush and gave me some great tips on certain ingredients (especially harsh acids/exfoliators) to avoid. I’m now on a full True Botanicals regimen and loving how my skin is feeling—clear, healthy and glowing. Here’s what I’m using: Hydrating Cleanser Renew, Nutrient Mist, (am) Radiant Face Oil Renew, Everyday Sheer Coverage, (pm) Cellular Repair Serum Renew mixed with Vitamin C Booster and the Resurfacing Moisture Mask twice a week. 2. Drinking Bone Broth. You can make it yourself by slow cooking chicken bones for 6-12 hours (great recipe here) or have some sent your way—I’m trying this one. The benefits include glowing skin, healing and rejuvenating nutrients, increased immunity, better nights of sleep, increased energy and best of all it increases collagen.

3. Breathing practices and meditating. Ashley Neese gave us a class in breathing during our stay and it was an eye opener for me. I couldn’t believe how focused and relaxed I was afterwards and for the rest of the day. I tend to be a bit scattered and overwhelmed all the time so this could be the answer to my prayers. She also gave us some herbal tips (her fiancé owns Homestead Apothocary) for natural sleeping aids: California Poppy and Passion Flower. I’ve already ordered mine!
4. Using a Harra Pad on your laptop. Geri Hirsch turned me onto this one. It protects you from radiation and heat that might come from your computer. I spend a lot of time with that thing on my lap and I’d rather not risk the unknown.
5. Natural deodorants. I officially switched to using natural deodorant this year and love the current two I’ve been trying but it was fun to hear what everyone else was using and liking. Here’s the list I wrote down: PHresh, Erbaviva, Real Purity, Amber Blends and Susanne Kaufman.

Would love to hear any wellness tips you might be picking up!

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