Bookmark These Beach House Rentals

August 10, 2017

When we came up with the idea to get a beach house with family for a week this summer, I combed the internet looking for the perfect spot. And then, I got obsessed. I had so much fun discovering dreamy scenarios, I ended up creating a whole new folder just for my “some day” beach rental dreams. Because you never know right? 

Our stay was such a hit that I fantasize over planning the next one—more friends and family? A bigger house? A different beach? Add it to the folder. The one criteria, it’s got to be right on the sand.

Now clearly we could get out of control with this dreamy beach house getaway idea—a villa in France or Italy?—I’m pretty good at getting carried away. But I’m going to rein it in here and share the star favorites I came across for Southern California. From high budget to low budget.

You might want to bookmark these, you know just in case.

  1. Pelican Point, Faria Beach Ventura. $375/night.
  2. Le Petite Bijou, Miramar Beach Montecito, $435.
  3. Six Star, Faria Beach Ventura, $500/night.
  4. Cote Bleu, Padaro Beach Carpinteria, $929/night.
  5. Beachfront in Malibu, $1,300/night.
  6. Paradise on Padaro Beach, $786/night.

Photo by Jacqueline Pilar. 

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