How To Quit Coffee: My Tricks

January 16, 2019

Gosh I love a hot cup of coffee. It warms the soul especially around these winter months not to mention that amazing aroma! Anyone who loves that ritual to start the day or even just the smell of coffee can attest to the necessary role it plays in our routines. Let’s be honest, it’s addictive and comparable to sugar! 

Last year I uncovered a slough of things that were hindering my overall health and I spent a lot of time researching, trying different natural remedies and cleaning up my diet. Coffee came up as a major player on all fronts for messing with your energy levels, hormones, inflammation (i.e. headaches) and stress levels. So I went cold turkey for 8 months. I definitely felt better on many fronts but especially when it came to my migraines. And on a separate beauty note, my skin felt more balanced, dewy and more hydrated. 

And then came December. The weather started cooling off, the coziness (and craziness) of the holidays set in and I slipped into the “just this one time” mode. That quickly morphed into desperately needing my coffee come 7:30 am and I was back in the caffeine club. I loved every second, until all my pesky problems (and three terrible migraines) came back. And then I knew it was time to quit again. But first a game plan to keep myself on track. 


Cutting something out of your diet is H-A-R-D. And quitting coffee can feel impossible. Know your reasons and remind yourself daily why you’re doing it. Try 30 days at first and see if you notice a difference. Something that helped me was changing up my daily routine and habits, which leads to my next trick. 

Getting Good Sleep 

The times that I do wake up and crave coffee like a mad woman are the nights I don’t get good sleep. For me this really means a pre-bedtime routine. Winding down with a hot bath, reading a book over watching an intense movie or show and slipping into bed early (9ish). I was so surprised how much better I slept when I avoided all electronics two hours before falling asleep. Another super helpful thing I did was get my hormones and bloodwork checked out. If you’re depleted, it’s a no brainer that you’ll crave an afternoon caffeine pick-me-up. Adding some supplements like magnesium, zinc and B Vitamins will make the whole no-caffeine journey ten times easier. Another good sleep trick is drinking some camomile tea before bed. I use  Bellocq loose tea leaves and I sleep like a baby. 


For me a huge part of that morning ritual was having something warm in my hands. I loved the coziness of it and a brief moment to just be still in bed or in a favorite chair. So I opt for one of these instead: Hot lemon water with a touch of honey, hot water with a splash of Apple Cider Vinegar, Rooibos Tea (a super antioxidant tea with zero caffeine), steamed almond milk with turmeric or other spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. Another option is fixing up a healthy smoothie first thing in the morning that balances your blood sugar. This works for me only in the summer when it’s hot, I need that warm fix!

Photography by Sara Prince

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