My Winter Reads

January 22, 2019

January invites all things cozy—am I right? I’ve been slipping into the sheets an hour earlier at night lately with some new reads I picked up. For whatever reason, rainy nights, darker evenings make me crave those quiet moments getting lost in a book. Since December I’ve been keeping a list on my phone whenever someone mentions a good book they’re reading or I catch a recommendation via social media. 

So here are my six reads that I have on my list for the next few months. Some I purchased because I couldn’t wait, and the others I’m on a waitlist at the library. I would love to hear what’s on your reading list this season or your thoughts on any of the below. 

I’ve been living in this duster sweater lately. And by living I mean putting it on first thing in the morning, wearing it to the grocery store, errands and all the time at home but especially when I’m curled up with a book. Every good book needs a cozy set of knitwear to go with it. 


Another place I love to duck into for inspiration is a bookstore I’ve been going to since I was a kid called Chaucer’s (pictured). The second I walk in I get a flood of nostalgia from the smell of freshly bound books to the peaceful acoustics of the space, thanks to the carpet—there’s a strange silence that allows you to think clearer/loose complete track of time. I so grateful it’s still around, and our last existing bookstore in Santa Barbara so I find every chance I can get to support them. 

Photography by Sara Prince

The Sweater Duster

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