How To Keep Your White Clothes White

June 24, 2019

Not too long ago I invested in a handful of white pieces from denim to white cotton tees. A couple of them started looking slightly yellow after only one or two washes. So I took to Instagram and asked all of you and did a little research as to what are the best ways to keep our summer whites looking bright white and came up with these tricks. If I missed any that you know of leave me a comment below! 


1. Pick the right detergent and don’t use too much. 

Did you know that using too much detergent can actually be a bad thing for your clothes and bedding? This was something new that I learned recently. It can fade the color, so instead of using the suggested amount, use a tad less. Also be mindful of detergents that contain Clorox Bleach as it may be fine for cotton but not Ok for other materials, turning them yellow. My favorite detergent for white loads has been this one by The Laundress

2. Dry your clothes on low heat.

I blame this factor for turning some linen towels and sheets yellow. We got a new washer and dryer from LG and it was WAY hotter than our last dryer and our whites were coming out dingy and slightly yellow—ugh. Lesson learned. 


3. Soak in Lemon Juice. 

There are tons of bleaching, whitening products out there but I lean away as much as possible to avoid unnecessary exposure to crazy chemicals. So this trick I like a lot and I can personally say that it works. Add 1/2 a cup of lemon juice to warm water—I did this in the bathtub with some sheets—and soak overnight. Wash normally the next day. If it really needs some extra help, throw in a little Laundress Bleach Alternative. or Oxi Clean White Revive—recommended by a reader. 

4. Sunshine!

I personally haven’t put this one to the test, but so many of you recommended this as the best natural way to brighten your whites. Which made me start contemplating a clothes line in our backyard. 


5. Borax + Baking Soda

I just discovered Borax recently and it’s actually a pretty great, all natural option. If you have hard water, this is also a great option as softens hard water, removes residue and boosts your detergent. Add a bit of baking soda to really make those whites bright. 


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