Friday List 4.3

April 3, 2020

Easter is one of my favorite holidays, something about babies and bunnies just gets me! Plus the soft color palette is something I can get with. I’m determined to make our Easter just as exciting even though we won’t be going to our annual country club brunch with family. I plan on filling the house with foraged flowers and grasses, wearing as many pretty Spring dresses as I can (even though our outings will be to our backyard), making carrot cake and other festive goodies and of course decorating eggs with Elin. Here are some things helping me celebrate the season. 


Even though we won’t be entertaining anyone other than our family of four, I still plan on setting a beautiful table and making some special meals around the season. In fact, making our dinner table special every night has been one way of making our days at home a little more special. Heather Taylor linens are a go-to for me! High on my list is a lemon coconut cake from Sweet Laurel Bakery


Adding to the comfort of home has never been more validated. I love these soft blush sheets for Spring from The Citizenry.


I’m sure you guys have noticed the plethora of sales happening everywhere. Here’s something I am planning on purchasing from Mansur Gavriel. Right now they’re having a 20% off pink sale. They’re shades of blush and salmon or literally giving my April life! I want them all.


Anyone else finding it hard to keep their house tidy—especially with kids? I’m a basket hoarder and have found my baskets handy as catch alls for Elin’s yard sale of things around the house. Also if you’re on the hunt for some easter basket, here’s all my favorite resources for good baskets.


Everything about Alice Naylor-Leyland’s lifestyle is inspiring my Spring. She lives in the English countryside, has a dreamy home and family, is always wearing something feminine and you can shop her curated tablescapes on her website.


A quarantine mood lifter for me has been putting on a little makeup everyday. It makes me feel a little more put together and alive. I’ve been testing out some new products and found some new favorites like this Lilah B. tinted lip balm. Here are some other products I’ve added to my favorites list.

Hope you’re staying healthy right now! xx Sam

Sweet Laurel Bakery

Olive T-Shirt

True Skin Serum Foundation

Mele Crew

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