Backyard Lounging Essentials

June 23, 2020

I’ve never felt more grateful for a backyard than these recent months. We’ve spent more time barbecuing, eating outside, doing painting projects with Elin and just laying on a blanket with Lila watching the clouds drift by that it feels like the most obvious place to invest in right now—especially for summer! Here are some new and old things that have been upping our backyard lounging game lately. 

My number one essential is a good beach/throw blanket that you can sprawl out on. These are non-precious, easy to wash finds that I’ve collected over the years and get used almost everyday whether we’re at home or at the beach. 


Beach/Throw Blankets are so versatile, especially when babies and kids are involved. I love layering them or using a mat which is great when the grass is slightly damp. It’s also one way to up the ante with your backyard lounge style with colors and patterns that you love. Including links to a few new ones I found below.


Lucky you if you have a pool! I saved these pool floaty chairs for the day we do have one (can I dream!?), but until then I found Mylle who makes the most stylish blow up kiddy pools I could find.


The silver lining of spending a sunny summer day at home in the backyard on a beautiful day? No driving, which means another glass of rosé no problem! I absolutely love this wine cooler that is portable and cool looking. Also our new summer cocktail of choice (which some friends introduced us to recently) is St. George Bruto Americano with sparkling water, ice and a squeeze of orange with a slice thrown in. So refreshing!


Since we’ve been barbecuing so much I’ve found a few recent buys to be super helpful: This stacking grill tray I got for Todd last year and we literally don’t know how to function without it now. We’ve since bought it for my dad and brother-in-law. Also our meat thermometer broke and we got this one which was such a step up, it’s another one we rely on every time we barbecue.


We did a mini makeover on our backyard last summer and the thing we have used the most since then (year round) is our lounge set and fire pit that we sit around roasting marshmallows and watching our resident hawks fly around. It has the best view of the mountains, is heaven on a warm night and feels like departure from the mundane things at home.

Also never underestimate the fun of sprinklers… I ordered a slip and slide and can’t wait to introduce Elin to it! 

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