Setting A Summer Table

July 30, 2020

One of the things that has been grounding us during this pandemic is making dinnertime special and eventful. We plan what we’re going to make, involve Elin in the process, play around with setting the table, picking themes and decorating with candles or objects from our day. Whether it’s take out from a favorite local restaurant or a home cooked meal we make it thoughtful with these simple details. Not every night is perfect (don’t be fooled it’s not this pretty every night) but finding joy in the process is the most important part. 

Lately my number one source of inspiration has come from trips to the beach.

We collect shells and sea glass, go on foggy mornings when it’s peaceful and empty (hot coffees in hand), jumping in the ocean on super hot days and coming home salty and sandy have filled my cup these days. Involving Elin makes the process so fun so I always give her the job of “decorating” the table with findings from the day—right now it’s usually things from the beach that she’s collected but it’s sometimes flowers, rocks and even hatchimal toys (so not on brand and definitely not pictured, ha) but still so special to her. 

Let the food initiate your color scheme. 

A good starting point is writing down your menu and looking at the color palette of your food. From there choose textiles and colors that compliment your dishes. On this particular night we did take-out from one of my absolute favorite restaurants in town Merci Montecito. She does this amazing cucumber salad, a summer pea soup and the best chicken paillard that I crave on a weekly basis. To compliment the food I went with ocean blues. 

Play Around with textiles and colored candles. 

I’ve been really into tapered candles lately. Partly because I picked up these simple Jenni Kayne candlestick holders that are so easy to incorporate with different color schemes. I also love this soft grey/blue color that tied in perfectly with my beach-influenced table setting. I also will use any textile, throw or even beach blanket as a tablecloth, you never know so just try it! I found this blue one a few years ago at Mate Gallery here in Santa Barbara. It’s full of good vintage finds. I’m also slightly obsessed with hunting for good textiles/tablecloths on Etsy right now. Including some favorite finds below. Lastly, I find simple white dishes and plates get the most play, especially during these summer months. I’ve been loving a set I have from Year & Day that are just so beautiful and the perfect soft white. 

Shop The Table:

Use my 20% off code at Jenni Kayne: Samantha20. My entire look is Jenni Kayne as well. 

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