Chitwa Chitwa

August 28, 2013

IMG_6169{ Ghost chairs surround a dining table overlooking the lake at Chitwa Chitwa. }

Thinking back to our stay at Chitwa Chitwa, I immediately get a homesick feeling. We were only there four nights, but I admittedly held back tears as we drove away on our last day. True, wild animals roam the grounds but there’s something incredibly peaceful about being in the bush and I instantly felt attached. Plus, I wouldn’t mind if my home looked just like Chitwa Chitwa. Designed by the owner’s wife, every inch is impeccably put together with a balance of antiques and modern elements combined in a Safari chic way. I had a handful of “favorite spots” where I could lounge, listen to the hippos and birds, sip rooibos iced tea and watch the game surrounding the lake in front. Every once in a while I close my eyes and pretend I’m there again, taking a mental note of all the sounds and smells so I’ll never forget. Lodge { The main lodge. }IMG_6277{ The best iced tea I’ve ever had made with Rooibos tea. }IMG_5259{A perfect blend of modern, antique and African pieces. }IMG_6201{ After every day we’d write down all the highlights from the animals we saw, the things we laughed about, people we’d met and favorite foods we tried. } could i have that{ Before the afternoon bush drive high tea was served with sweet treats. I had to ask for recipes a couple of times, which I’ll share soon, but the cinnamon iced coffee was a regular pick for me. } IMG_4836{ Since nights were chilly, we’d light up our fireplace and drink port before dozing off in bed. Falling asleep to a crackling fire is undeniably romantic if you ask me. }IMG_4880{ Lions basking in the sun. } IMG_5429{ Our spotter Rodney saying hello to some elephants who were quickly coming towards us. } IMG_5336{ Watching elephants eat was one of the most amazing things to see. } IMG_5564{ A leaping impala was a daily sight on our drives. }  mornings{ Waking up for an early morning drive was one of my favorite parts of the experience. Seeing the landscape in a misty haze was beyond beautiful. Layers, coffee, blankets and hot water bottles made it all the more cozy. }IMG_5128{Fresh guava juice served at breakfast. } IMG_5890{ Smoking elephant dung, which clears sinus and cures migraines. } IMG_6113{ One night we came home to candles and rose petals leading to the bed and a bubble bath. It was the most romantic surprise of our honeymoon. }IMG_5763{ The sun setting over the bush. } IMG_5768
{ A rare Cheetah sighting. }IMG_5243{ Our private deck outside of our villa. }IMG_5253{ A collection of crystal decanters in the main lodge. }

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