Denis Island

August 30, 2013

IMG_6339{ My husband—still getting butterflies when I get to say it! }

After five glorious days at Chitwa Chitwa we packed our bags and headed to the Seychelle Islands for some post safari beach flopping. However, this kind of beach flopping was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Naturally World Odyssey chose the island with the best weather, the most privacy and amazing cuisine—nailed it. After two flights, and a jumpy landing, we found ourselves on Denis Island, home to one resort with only 25 villas. The next best thing to having an island all to yourself. Our chalet was nestled right on the beach so each night we’d fall asleep to the sound of waves crashing—and the occasional gecko, which I grew to love. For eight days we soaked in the sunshine, warm ocean, amazing food and no obligations what-so-ever. It felt ridiculously good to not wake up to an alarm, check our phones or email once for that stretch of time ( we were far from any service or internet connection). At one point we looked at each other and scratched our heads over what day it was.IMG_6883{ Soaking in a sunset in front of our chalet. Calypso St. Barth cover up. }IMG_6318{ Our own day bed that was a favorite spot for reading after breakfast. } Denis-Island{ Two favorites: über soft towels and weathered, fallen trees at the waters edge. }IMG_6315{Our Chalet name, Bone Fish. } IMG_6849{ A favorite suit from Marysia Swim. }IMG_6448Denis-Island-lodge{ Our hang out in the main lodge where we sipped cocktails and played cards. }IMG_6481{ This striped top from Amour Vert was a go-to throughout our trip. }  IMG_6972{ Driftwood chandeliers in the main lodge I admired at every meal. }IMG_6984{ I can still taste the piña colada I was sipping when I took this shot. Oh vacation. }

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