Elin Mae

December 8, 2014

Baby Love
Three weeks have zoomed by since our baby girl Elin Mae came into the world. She’s grown and changed already since her arrival (a whole pound and a half bigger!) which tugs at my heart a bit and made me savor every precious moment a little more than the last. I still keep playing back her birth in my head, hands down the most amazing moment of my life, which becomes more and more of a blur as time goes on. To sum it up, I had a lightening speed labor and delivery. We got to the hospital at 10:30 pm, my water broke less than an hour later and our baby girl was born at 12:03 am. It happened so fast there was no time for an epidural, one of the scarier moments for me but in retrospect wasn’t as bad as I always envisioned it. To me the contractions were as painful if not more than pushing. But the best moment was hearing Todd say, “a girl!” A 7 pound 4 ounce baby girl. We were beyond surprised. Especially since nearly everyone was guessing boy and even we started saying “he” while I was pregnant. It was the sweetest surprise I’ve ever experienced. We’re completely obsessed and in love with her.

Here are some shots by the amazingĀ Arna Bee of our baby girl at just a week old.

Wearing an Isabel Marant dress available on sale here and here and as a top here.
Baby LoveBaby LoveBaby LoveBaby LoveBaby Love Baby Love Baby Love Baby Love Baby Love Baby Love Baby LoveelinThe first moment in my arms.

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