Post Baby

January 9, 2015

Beach WalkI’ve had a lot of readers ask about my post baby body and how I bounced back. At first I didn’t want to address the subject since body image (pregnancy aside) is a sensitive topic and I was timid about people judging my size and shape. But after realizing that at the end of the day all that matters is how I feel in my own skin, I decided to share my story in hopes that it might uncover any mysteries and be helpful in some way. So here it goes…

I should start by saying that I’ve always had a naturally slender body. I lead a fairly healthy lifestyle (except for a serious sweet tooth) and strive to exercise every week, which is usually yoga or a long walk. During my pregnancy I gained 28 pounds and am now back down to my original weight minus a few pounds, partly due to breastfeeding (it burns calories) and cutting out dairy to help Elin. After giving birth I never focused on losing weight but just ate and did what felt right and good. For me that meant two meals in the morning since I always wake up starving (one of which is this concoction), lunch with some kind of protein, an afternoon snack (avocado toast is a favorite) and a big dinner. Since I’m in need of extra calories these days (sans dairy) I’ve found snacks that I love: avocado oil on salads and bread, Uncle Eddy’s vegan cookies, Kind bars and apples with almond butter.

Everyday I take Elin out for a long stroll in the early afternoon (usually an hour or so), whether its in the neighborhood, down by the beach or to meet a friend for lunch, the fresh air alone makes us both feel good. Most times Elin will be fast asleep by the end of the walk, which gives me some time to do a little stretching and some lunges, key for getting the buns back in shape. My routine is 20 lunges and a few yoga stretches—down dog, plank and triangle are my favorites.

I’ll be the first to admit that a good chunk of my day is spent in work out clothes. It’s easy and can take me from walking to errands with my baby girl. I recently picked up some essentials from Old Navy and have been loving the fit and feel of their activewear.

Old Navy graphic tank, pants and sweatshirt, Saint Laurent aviators, Nike sneakers, Baby Jogger stroller, Nuna Pipa car seat. On Elin: J.Crew onsie and White + Warren blanket.
Beach WalkBeach WalkAnother helpful mama tip: get yourself a Baby Jogger! I love the suspension on this puppy for rough roads and it’s incredibly easy to fold up and throw in the back of your car.
Beach Walk Beach Walk Beach Walk Beach Walk Beach WalkPhotography by Arna Bee

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