Three Secrets

January 22, 2015

nike-activewear-could-i-have-that-2We’re nearing the end of January which means a lot of those “resolutions” are slowly making their way to the back burner. I’ll be the first to admit that every year I set the expectations far too high, so this year I kept it pretty simple: do something active every other day. And in an effort to stick to my semi-easy goal I’ve discovered three secrets that have been helping.

#1: Invest in some activewear. When I’m excited to wear my work out clothes I’m more likely to get out the door for a walk or yoga class. Silly but works like a charm for me. I’ve been scooping up a ton of Nike threads lately from Nordstrom and I have to say the fit, cut and feel are good. Especially these kicks.

#2: Enroll in a class. It keeps you accountable for showing up.

#3: Find a buddy. Having someone to go on a walk, hike or yoga class makes it feel less like a chore and more of a fun get-together.

Nike tee, Free Flyknit sneakers and print capris, Celine sunglasses (similar), Baby Jogger.

nike-tee-could-i-have-that-2nike-activewear-could-i-have-thatactivewear-style-could-i-have-that nike-tee-could-i-have-that nike-style-could-i-have-that baby-jogger-could-i-have-thatImages by Arna Bee

Here are my current active essentials that make breaking a sweat ten times more fun…

Thank you to Nordstrom for supporting this post. 

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