Kirk Miller of Miller’s Oath

June 15, 2016

kirk millerI’ve always admired my husband’s style and never for a moment had to tell him what to wear or urge him to change his outfit. Instead he tells me what’s cool when it comes to all things menswear related. So when we walked into Kirk Miller’s shop Miller’s Oath—a bespoke tailor and ready to wear atelier—and I saw his eyes light up, I knew it was good. We’ve since popped into the store a handful of times and gotten to know Kirk who not only has an incredible eye for men’s style (a former designer for Thom Browne) but he’s also a father of three. I picked his brain for some Father’s Day gift ideas and asked him to share a few candid thoughts on fatherhood.

1. How and when did miller’s oath come about. What have you enjoyed most about creating your brand?

KM: I started Miller’s Oath over six years ago… After working with Thom Browne and starting a shoe company with my brother called Barker Black — I really wanted to get back into bespoke tailored clothing.  I opened a very small shop on the outskirts of SoHo with one rack of clothing and a desk.  The most enjoyable (and most frustrating) has been the organic nature of the brand — everything we have done — we have grown into naturally and over time.  I have been working with many of my same clients for over six years… You really get to understand and have a true working relationship with someone when you are dressing them for various aspects of their life — I have been with my guys through job changes, new babies, moving to new cities, successful cancer battles, weddings and divorces… Its a priviledge to be able to share that with people.

2. Being a father of three, what is your ideal day look like with your kids?

KM: Perfect day would start after 6am!!!!! With no kids in my bed, make a waffle breakfast that everyone would happily eat and then head out for a hike or a walk on the beach. Other than my daughter (who could sit in her room and play with her imaginary friends for weeks on end) my boys love being outside — doesn’t matter what we do as long as we are outside and running around.

3. What’s the best piece of advice that your father ever gave you? What do you hope to pass on to your kids?

KM: My father is a bit of a nervous nelly — he can come up with some catastrophic occurance that could happen in just about any situation… But he always had a sense of travel and adventure — so no matter how subdued most days were with the work/live routine — whenever we used to go on trips he turned into this different guy — full of curiosity and adventure, trying new places and seeing new things — that is what I hope I pass onto my kids — a sense of adventure and wonder, trying and experiencing new things.

4. In your everyday routine is there a time you look forward to spending with your kids?

KM: I love mornings and just when I get home from work — before dinner and bedtime when they are very excited to have me home and have missed me!

5. Proudest moment as a father?

KM: Gosh… I have them a fair amount — I am amazed how kind and loving they each are at different times towards each other, towards me and my wife and to other people.


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